3 pc Cam Lock™ Socket Set


3 Pack Set Sizes Included:

  • 19 mm + 3/4 in
  • 21 mm + 13/16 in
  • 22 mm + 7/8 in


  • The 3 pack includes 3 socket sizes: 19mm, 21mm, and 22mm
  • Swinging jaws, which open wider than a conventional socket allowing use with already deformed lugnuts.
  • Jaws swing closed when tool is turned to grip tightly onto all six faces of lugnut.
  • Jaws automatically clamp when turning clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Jaws have enough range of motion to cover fractional inch and metric lugnuts of approximately similar size, e.g. 19mm and ¾ inch.

Tool Assembly:

  • Swinging Jaw
  • Retaining Pin (holds jaw in the tool)
  • Tool Body
  • Pin pressed into tool body
  • Clamp
  • Square Drive

Shipping Fee:

Flat rate of $14.68

    Quantity Discount Per Item Price
    4-10 10% $350.99


    When it’s time to change tires, consider Merrick Tool’s patented lug nut socket. Through years of experience, we’ve developed tools that take care of you. Conventional impact sockets damage the metal cladding on newer model car lug nuts. Many times, this means a new set of lug nuts is required to put the wheel back on the vehicle. Our lug nut socket facilitates easier removal so that it will not damage the metal-clad lug-nuts.

    The main function of this tool is that it clamps on and turns hexagonal lugnuts used to mount wheels to vehicles. We specifically designed this tool to work on metal clad lugnuts since they are more prone to damage when used with conventional one-piece sockets.

    Our design has important features that work together to install and remove the lug nut without causing damage to cladding. The swinging jaws open wider than a conventional socket making it easier to use on already damaged lug nuts. Once the tool is turned, the jaws will automatically grip onto the six faces of the lug nut.

    Since this design is more user friendly, we built the tool body to have an integrated square-drive that fits common tools such as impact wrenches, breaker bars, and torque wrenches.

    Additional information

    Weight 2.9 oz
    Dimensions 6.50 × 4.25 × 2.25 in

    19 mm + 3/4 in, 21 mm + 13/16 in, 22 mm + 7/8 in, 3 Socket Set (19mm, 21mm, 22mm)