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Merrick Tools was started by an inventor, Jake Merrick. His innovative drive has led him to create several impact wrench tools for over a decade and build his company on being the source for stud removals. Over the years, they have acquired 10 tool patents and worked in various industries like refineries and nuclear plants. 

The main feature of the Merrick Tool is that it quickly removes studs from other machines in preparation of repair or maintenance.

This process facilitates easier and faster removal of studs from large machinery and equipment.

We have been around for 10 years, so we know the ins and outs of this industry. Our team has invented and patented several impact wrench tools that also serve for demonstration purposes. Our recent projects include removing large studs from heavy equipment with our large impact wrench. One of our latest inventions is the stud removal tool that provides a more quick and efficient way to removing lug nuts.

Our Services

Most of our service work has been removing large studs from heavy equipment. We use our specialty tool and large impact wrenches for projects. To avoid unnecessary and expensive delays, we will provide quick and efficient service through our patented tool removal system process.

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